Courses to help you enhance your English language skills for academic and professional communication are offered by the English Language Programs in University College. See the ELP’s current course listings and contact the ELP at if you have questions.

Course Eligibility

ELP courses are open to nonnative English speaking WashU students, faculty, and staff as well as nonnative English speaking adults living in the St. Louis area. The courses are designed for individuals who have already achieved a high-intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in English and wish to polish their English language skills for academic and professional communication.


The tuition for ELP courses in University College is $650 per unit. To find out if you are eligible to take ELP courses at no cost, see below.

Undergraduate students: Undergraduates enrolled in a full-time degree program do not pay additional tuition or fees to take ELP coursework in the fall or spring semester, but do pay Summer School tuition in the summer.

Graduate Students in Arts & Sciences Departments: Graduate students in Arts & Sciences departments who are enrolled in one ELP course in addition to nine or more graduate-level units in the fall and spring semesters will not pay tuition. Students enrolling for ELP courses during the summer semester will have to pay their tuition charges.

Other Graduate Students: Schools’ and departments’ policies vary. Graduate students should find out from their school/department what the policy is regarding payment for ELP courses in University College.

WashU Employees: WashU employees who are eligible for the employee tuition benefit may generally apply that benefit to an ELP course. Employees should review the complete tuition benefit policies or visit the Human Resources website.

Postdoctoral Appointees: Postdoctoral appointees employed by Washington University may take University College courses for professional development purposes at no cost if their position is covered by the Washington University Postdoctoral Appointee Tuition Policy for further information.

Other Prospective Students: University College provides more complete information about tuition and financial aid that may be applied to ELP courses. Some area employers cover all or part of the cost of University College courses. See your company’s Human Resources Department to find out if this type of benefit is available to you.


WashU students register through WebSTAC. Log in using your WUSTL Key and select University College, then English Language Programs.

WashU employees and all other prospective students register through University College. If you have technical/procedural questions about registration, contact University College at 935-6700, see the University College registration instructions, or visit the University College office on the Danforth Campus, January Hall 20.