English Advantage Summer Program

Gain an advantage in developing the robust language skills you need for a demanding degree program. English Advantage at Washington University in St. Louis immerses you in 24 hours per week of English language training for academic and professional communication.

English Advantage: Intensive Language Training for Academic & Professional Communication
Law Track: July 2 – August 3, 2018


  • Admission to a WashU degree program, or
  • Minimum score of 79 on the TOEFL iBT or equivalent, eligibility for entrance to a university program, and admission to English Advantage

About the Courses

English Advantage serves students at an advanced level of English proficiency who aim to polish their language skills in order to transition more easily into an academic program in an English language environment.

The Listening/Speaking course (Monday-Friday mornings) focuses on the following skills:

  • Understanding lectures about law-related topics
  • Participating in class and small group discussions about law-related topics
  • Giving presentations about legal cases

The Reading/Writing course (Monday-Friday afternoons) focuses on the following skills:

  • Strategies for reading and briefing legal cases
  • Developing academic (especially legal) vocabulary
  • Improving grammatical accuracy and clarity in writing
  • Drafting and revising analytical and persuasive writing about legal topics

Activities Outside the Classroom

English Advantage participants regularly enjoy local off-campus trips and other activities led by their instructors. These activities are designed for participants to exercise their English skills, build their understanding of U.S. culture and get to know the St. Louis community. In recent years, activities have included trips to the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Art Museum/Forest Park, and Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse.

The staff of the ELP and Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS) will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns you have about life in St. Louis.


The estimated costs for English Advantage are as follows. Please note that some costs, such as tuition, are fixed; other costs, such as housing, may vary depending on a student’s choices.

Tuition $5,320
Health Insurance $300
Housing* $1,453.50*
Meals* $945*
Incidental Expenses* $450*
TOTAL $8,468.50

* Housing, meals, and incidental expenses vary for each individual.


Students in English Advantage who will start a WashU degree program in the fall will be billed for tuition on their student accounts. Tuition may be paid through the payment methods described by the Office for Student Accounting. Students taking only English Advantage will pay the full program tuition at the time of registration.

Health Insurance

University health insurance is mandatory for English Advantage students. Health insurance coverage for students enrolled in English Advantage begins on June 1. This coverage is for the duration of English Advantage only; it does not include coverage for the academic year.

Important: No health insurance coverage is available for dependents through the student’s university health insurance until August 1. Options for English Advantage students with spouses and children include:

  1. Buy separate, short-term health insurance coverage for your dependents for the time period between their arrival and August 1. The OISS maintains a list of insurance companies that may be willing to sell you such coverage. However, please note that insurance companies generally do not sell short-term health insurance coverage for individuals with a “preexisting condition” such as pregnancy, and are likely to limit their coverage in other ways.
  2. Have your dependents wait to join you in the U.S. until after August 1.

Further information about mandatory student health insurance and university health services is available from the Habif Health and Wellness Center.

Housing and Meals

The estimate of housing expenses is based on costs for the duration of the program, plus three nights in a WashU residence hall on campus. Most of these rooms are single rooms (for one person).You may reserve a room on campus in a residence hall, or you may arrange to live off campus. You may purchase food at campus dining facilities whether you live on or off campus. See the Dining Services website for more information about food service on campus, including locations, menus, and dining options for students with specific dietary needs.

Incidental Expenses

Incidental expenses are personal expenses that vary for each individual, including textbooks, school supplies, entertainment, clothing, laundry and other costs.

Reserving Housing On Campus

You may choose to live on campus in a WashU residence hall or off campus in an apartment for the duration of English Advantage. Alternatively, you may reserve a room in a WashU residence hall for a shorter amount of time (for example, 10 nights) if you would like to live in the residence hall temporarily before you find housing off campus. Please note that the cost of on-campus housing will vary depending on how many nights you choose to stay in on-campus housing. To reserve on-campus housing, please use the Summer Programs and Conference Services reservation linkYou must reserve on-campus housing at least two weeks before your arrival.

For additional information about campus housing, visit the Summer Programs and Conference Services website.

Note that housing is not available to students taking English Advantage on a part-time basis.

Registering for English Advantage Courses

The English Advantage courses are U15 126 (Intensive Listening and Speaking) and U15 127 (Intensive Reading and Writing). Students accepted to a WashU degree program starting in the fall will be registered in these courses by their department. Students taking one English Advantage course on a part-time basis must register for English Advantage through the university’s registration system or in person at the University College office, January Hall, room 20.

Students taking English Advantage as a stand-alone intensive English program, or who are beginning a degree program are required under the terms of the visa to study full time. That means they are required to take both the listening/speaking course and reading/writing course.

Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration for those not beginning a degree program.


A mandatory orientation session will be held on campus on Monday, July 2. At the orientation, ELP instructors and staff from the OISS will welcome you to St. Louis with a free breakfast and practical information about campus life, visa matters, cultural adaptation and life in St. Louis.


If you completed the English Advantage form sent to you by your department, watch your email for further information from the OISS and the ELP. Students accepted to English Advantage will find that the OISS student information also helps answer many questions. Last but not least, when new students check in at the OISS upon arrival, they will receive a welcome folder with additional helpful information about settling into St. Louis. At that time, students may also request a packet of information with resources for spouses and children.

If you have any questions about joining English Advantage or getting settled in St. Louis, please contact the ELP at elp@wustl.edu. We look forward to meeting you!

Select the appropriate tab below for next steps:

Admitted to a WashU Degree Program

Immigration Information

If you are not currently a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you must obtain a Form I-20 Visa Eligibility Document from WashU. To do so, complete the following steps:

  • Send financial documents to your department showing that you have the specific monetary amount required to meet the costs of your primary program (e.g., your PhD program) plus the cost of English Advantage.
  • If you have already sent these documents to your department, you do not need to send duplicate documents to the OISS.
  • Your department will send you a link to the English Advantage online sign-up form. Complete it at your earliest convenience so that you can quickly receive information from the ELP about housing, orientation and more before your arrival.

To ensure that the I-20 arrives in time for you to arrange your departure, these documents should be sent no later than April 30.


Taking EA on a Part-Time Basis

Registering for English Advantage Courses

Continuing WashU students, WashU employees, and members of the St. Louis community can register for English Advantage courses in person at the University College office in January Hall, Room 20, or on the University College web site. To register online, follow the University College registration instructions.

For assistance in selecting an appropriate course, prospective students are encouraged to call, email, or meet with an ELP staff member. An instructor will be glad to discuss your academic/professional goals, assess your language needs, and answer any questions you have about ELP courses and other ELP services. For more information, contact the ELP at elp@wustl.edu or 314-935-5966.

Tuition Benefits

Some area employers cover all or part of the cost of University College courses–see your company’s Human Resources Department to find out if this type of benefit is available to you. To apply a tuition benefit when registering, select “Non-WU Employees” as your method of payment.

Individuals age 60 or older and members of the U.S. military are encouraged to check with University College to see if they are eligible for a tuition benefit. For more information, visit the University College office at January Hall, Room 20, or contact University College at ucollege@artsci.wustl.edu or 314-935-6700.