April 14, 2017

PARKING  Planning to get a Parking Permit for Next Year? You’ll Need to Enter an Online Parking Lottery this Month

Changes are coming to the parking system at WashU for next year. Assignment of parking permits will now be done through an online lottery system that will be available for registration starting on April 17th…  read more

ELP  Strengthening English Through ELP Courses – “Very Useful,” “A Big Help,” and “Inspiring” — by Karen Schwelle

The high communication demands of academics and research can pose challenges and cause anxiety. However, courses offered by the English Language Programs (ELP) address the most common communication concerns we hear about from members of the WashU community… read more

PHOTO  Explore & Discover Leaders 2017

Explore and Discover leaders are ready for the new undergraduates who will be arriving in August… click for image








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