New Parking Lottery

Planning to get a Parking Permit for Next Year? You’ll Need to Enter an Online Parking Lottery this Month

WashU Parking and Transportation Services is overhauling the way parking permits are assigned beginning this summer. Assignment of parking permits will now be done through an online lottery system that will be available for registration starting on April 17th (this coming Monday) through April 28th. Everyone who plans to purchase a parking permit must enter the parking lottery, which will be available at: .

As part of the registration for the lottery, applicants will choose their first, second, and third preferences from among the newly allocated parking zones across campus. The new zoning system will take effect beginning July 1st.

The new parking zones for next year. (click image to enlarge)


Parking & Transportation Services is initiating the changes in order to better serve parking needs during the upcoming renovations on the east end of campus and to “better allocate current and future parking resources across campus.”

The lottery opens on Monday (April 17) and will only be open for two weeks, so if you plan to purchase a parking permit for next year, don’t forget to register!






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