December 2, 2016

HOLIDAY TRAVEL   OISS Prepares for All-Day Travel Signatures with the #mannequinchallenge 

OISS plans “All-Day Travel Signature” days to accommodate students who will be traveling abroad over Winter break. To show that we’re ready, we’ve taken the mannequin challenge…  read the article and view the video

STRESS MANAGEMENT   Student Health Services Offers Variety of Resources to Cope with End-of-Semester Stress

If you’re like many students, you may be feeling quite a bit of stress as final exam week approaches. Fortunately, Student Health Services provides a number of resources to help…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR   I’m on F-1 status and I’m thinking about getting a job off campus – not sure if it will be paid or not. Do I need to talk to OISS about this? — by Martha Turner

ANSWER: Yes, you ALWAYS need to work with OISS to obtain off-campus work authorization before you begin working, even if the work will be unpaid…  read more

PHOTO   Thanksgiving with a local family

Dr. Pat Gregory and her family hosted Rintsen Sherpa for his first Thanksgiving celebration. Rintsen is a first year student in Arts and Sciences from Nepal…  click for image


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