Ask an OISS Advisor: Safe to Travel Abroad?

Is it Safe to Travel Abroad over Spring Break?
by Martha Turner, Director, International Student and Scholar Advising

ANSWER: This is a complex question to answer right now because we are not sure what might change in the coming weeks.  President Trump has indicated he may be issuing a new Executive Order regarding a travel ban in the near future.  We are advising all students from the 7 countries mentioned in the January 27th Presidential Executive Order to avoid leaving the U.S. at this time even though there is currently an injunction against the ban.  Other Muslim students and students from majority Muslim countries may also want to consider avoiding leaving the U.S. in case new restrictions are announced.

All students must realize that reentry has never and will never be guaranteed.  Here are some things that can be done to increase your chances of reentering without difficulty: maintaining status, obtaining a travel signature from OISS before you leave the U.S., and making sure that you have all of your documents in order upon your return.  Although we have no information that indicates the average student will face problems returning, weighing the risks in an uncertain time is up to each individual student.  If you would like to discuss any specific concerns that you have, please consult with an OISS advisor during walk-ins at Stix House (Monday through Friday, 1:30pm to 3:30pm).


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