February 3, 2017

IMMIGRATION UPDATE  The Presidential Executive Order by Martha Turner

Important information about the recent executive order on immigration issued by the Trump administration.  read more

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION  Bias Report and Support System (BRSS) An Important Resource for Students to Report Incidents of Discrimination

If you or anyone you know has experienced a bias incident, be aware that the CDI has a Bias Report & Support System in place where students can report instances of bias or discrimination.  read more

ACTIVITIES  Why We Should All Enjoy Extracurricular Activities — by Ivy Huang

An International Student writes about the many benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and joining an extracurricular activity.  read more

PHOTO  Winter Weather Winner

Congratulations to Rohan Kamalia, a first year MBA student, who won a pair of ice cleats in our Winter Weather Survival giveaway.  click for image



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