January 20, 2017

WINTER WEATHER  Winter in St. Louis: A Survival Guide

If you live in St. Louis, you certainly never know what the forecast will bring, but we do know that the winter weather will return. Here are some ways to survive (and thrive) a St. Louis winter…  read more

PRACTICAL TRAINING  Internship Advice I Wish I Had Been Given — by Kakada Kuy

A WashU graduate student shares some of the lessons he has learned about how to get the most out of an internship…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR  Question: I’m graduating in May and would like to apply for OPT – What do I need to do? — by Martha Turner

ANSWER: The earliest that you can apply for OPT is February 20, 2017, and the latest is July 17, 2017. However, before you can meet with your OISS advisor to apply, you need to…  read more

PHOTO  WashU Spirit Abroad

Amareen Singh Sandhu, a first year student at Olin Business School, shows off his WashU pride while celebrating the Punjabi festival of Lohri in his hometown of Jalandhar, Punjab, India.  click for image


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