November 11, 2016

ELECTION DAY  Mock Election Results Announced

International students may not have been eligible to vote in the official US election; however, OISS held a mock election on Tuesday to see which candidates WashU international students favored. Over 100 students cast their ballots…  see the results

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR    I’m thinking about taking a trip to Canada or Mexico. Is there anything special I need to do? Are there any risks I should know about? — by Annette Burris

ANSWER: Students should be sure to do a bit of preparation before making travel plans to Mexico or Canada. In particular, you want to consider your entry to Canada or Mexico, and your readmission to the United States…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR – EXTRA   Since the presidential election a lot of rumors have been flying around. What exactly are the ramifications for international students due to Trump’s victory? — by Martha Turner

ANSWER: Some students have concerns about potential changes that President-Elect Trump has proposed as well as fears based on comments he made during the campaign regarding immigrants and foreign relations. This article addresses those concerns and seeks to establish realistic expectations about how the new administration could affect international students…  read more

PHOTO   Mock Presidential Election at OISS

A student submits her ballot during our Mock Election for International Students. Over 100 international students and scholars voted in our mock election…  click for image

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