October 14, 2016

DEBATE 2016   Student Union President Kenneth Sng, International Student from Singapore, Plays High-Profile Role at 2016 Presidential Debate 

Washington University playing host to a U.S. presidential debate is nothing new. However, this year’s debate marked the first time that a WashU international student has played such a high-profile role…  read more

DEBATE 2016   International Students Share Experiences Attending, Volunteering at 2016 Presidential Debate

Some of the international students who attended and worked at the 2016 presidential debate shared their personal experiences with us…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR   A friend of mine at another university received a call from USCIS that was determined to be a scam. What do I do if I get a call like that? — by Jason Marquart

ANSWER: There have been many reports by other universities of international students scammed by criminals posing as immigration agents. We have also heard reports from Washington University students who received phone calls and e-mails from potential scammers…  read more

PHOTO   Working at Presidential Debate 2016

International students played a significant role in the 2016 Presidential Debate as both volunteers and participants. Stefan Yu, a senior in Arts and Sciences, takes a break from his work while serving as a volunteer in the media filing center…  read more