December 1, 2017

HOLIDAY FUN  Five Holiday-Themed Activities Happening Close to Campus Over Winter Break

If you plan on staying at WashU over winter break, you won’t have to go far from campus to enjoy some of the great holiday activities that St. Louis has to offer…  read more

U.S. LAWS  Marijuana and You: Know the Law

The laws around marijuana use in the U.S. have been changing in recent years and it can be difficult to know what is allowed and what is not…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR  I heard that the rules for getting an F-1 visa have changed. Should I be concerned about this?

ANSWER: For most international students who are already here at Washington University, the answer is no. However, the details require some explanation…  read more

PHOTO  Travel Signature Days

If you are traveling abroad over Winter Break, remember to get your I-20 or DS-2019 signed. The easiest way is to get your travel signature while you wait on one of our Friday Travel Signature Days…  view photo