February 6, 2018

HEALTH  It’s not too late! Habif Health & Wellness Center recommends getting flu shot to combat tough flu season

The current flu season has turned out to be particularly difficult one. In response the Habif and Health and Wellness Center is advising students that it is still not too late to get a flu shot…  read more

MENTAL HEALTH  Anxiety? Stress? Depression? SHS has a number of resources to help

If you have these or other concerns, Student Health Services has a number of resources to assist you that don’t necessarily require making an appointment…  read more

ASK AN OISS ADVISOR  I’m a student on the Medical School campus. Can I see an OISS advisor without going over to the Danforth Campus?

ANSWER: Yes! We have recently expanded our services for students at the Medical School campus at our new office in the Mid-Campus Center at (MCC) 2042…  read more

PHOTO  Distinguished Visitor

A barred owl was recently seen visiting the grounds of Stix International House…  view photo