ELP Courses

Brush up on Casual and Professional Conversation Skills, Discuss Recent Movies, and More with the English Language Programs
— by Cathy Raymond

ELP spring 2016 course listings are now available for viewing! Registration begins early November.

Courses are available on both the Danforth Campus as well as the Medical Campus and include a wide variety of reading/writing and listening/speaking courses. Some of the most popular courses include the following:

U15 1302 ELP: Discussion Strategies for the US Classroom
Are you having difficulty jumping in to active class discussions? Are you looking for ways to improve your fluency and comfort in the classroom?  This course provides concentrated practice to help you adjust to academic situations. In this course, you will develop strategies for participating in the classroom and for increasing your self-confidence in fast-paced discussions.

U15 202 ELP: Talking to Americans: Casual and Professional Conversations
This course is intended for individuals who want to interact more successfully and develop confidence in casual and professional settings. Highlights of the course include small talk, networking, American culture conversational style, classroom discussions and interviews.

U15 1405 ELP: Conversation about Recent Films
Do you love watching movies but often feel you don’t understand fast paced and idiomatic English? This course uses popular movies as the basis for conversation and offers students the opportunity to learn more about American culture while practicing spoken English in informal group discussions.

In addition to these and other courses, the ELP also offers free language assessments for postdocs. Washington University postdocs may schedule a time with an ELP instructor for a brief test of English writing, speaking, and listening skills. This test lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, and you may choose the date and time. The instructor can meet you on either campus and would be happy to discuss your professional development plan and describe the courses offered by the English Language Programs (ELP). Courses offered by the ELP are free for most postdocs immediately and for Washington University employees after one year. To schedule a test, please e-mail Cathy Raymond.