ELP Fall Courses

Work on Presentation Skills, Interaction Skills, Writing Skills, and More with the English Language Programs
      by Cathy Raymond, Assistant Director of the English Language Programs

Fall 2017 courses are listed here: https://acadinfo.wustl.edu/ucollege/?dept=U15

ELP courses are available on both the Danforth Campus as well as the Medical Campus and include a wide variety of reading/writing and listening/speaking courses. Some of the courses that still have open spots:

  • U15 170 and U15 270: Presentation Skills

These courses not only build skills in developing a presentation, using visual aids, and delivering the presentation with confidence, but also address individual pronunciation issues, grammar and vocabulary for presentations and question/answer exchanges, and intercultural matters that affect the way a presentation is perceived. Students develop presentations about topics of their choice related to their field of study or work. Each presentation is videotaped and repeated so that students can apply the feedback they receive. U15 170 meets on the Danforth Campus and focuses primarily on the needs of participants in the humanities and social sciences. U15 270 meets on the Danforth Campus and focuses primarily on the needs of participants in the natural sciences.

  •  U15 470: Language, Culture, and Interaction Strategies for International Teaching Assistants

This course examines the linguistic challenges, cross-cultural differences, and instructional/interactional strategies inherent in teaching undergraduates in the various disciplines of the participants. Focusing on underlying competencies of good communication skills, students learn to self-monitor and to shape their messages depending on a range of linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical factors. Numerous interactive techniques for classroom and one-on-one encounters will be modeled, practiced, and videotaped.

  • U15 1411: Fundamentals of Research Writing for Graduate Students

Approaches to research writing including problem-process-solution writing, critical writing, summary writing, and the writing of supporting documents are addressed. All of these approaches to writing can be applied to writing for publication in most disciplines. Participants also learn how to make the most of current language learning technology, including textual databases that enable them to find answers to their questions about elements of usage and structure typical for writing in their fields.

In addition to these and other courses, the ELP also offers free language assessments for postdocs. Washington University postdocs may schedule a time with an ELP instructor for a brief test of English writing, speaking, and listening skills. This test lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. The instructor can meet you on either campus and would be happy to discuss your professional development plan and describe the courses offered by the English Language Programs (ELP). Courses offered by the ELP are free for most postdocs immediately and for Washington University employees after one year. To schedule a test, please e-mail Karen Schwelle (kschwelle@wustl.edu).