Some apartments include the cost of all or select utilities in the monthly rent, but for some you will have to pay the local service provider. Utilities may include: water, sewer, electric, gas, phone, internet, and cable. Contact your landlord to find out which utilities you will be responsible to pay for on your own.

Whether or not you have to pay for utilities directly, you will be responsible to get your utilities connected and/or switch the bill to your name on your own. Below are listed some phone numbers and other contact information to get your utilities hooked up.

Essential Utilities


AmerenUE provides energy to customers in Missouri and Illinois.
Applications may be made online and can sometimes take up to 2 days.


Natural gas is not utilized in every home; but, when it is, it is provided by Spire Engergy.
(314) 621-6960; 1-800-887-4173
Call at least 24 hours before you need your gas turned on in your apartment- it can either be done the next day or it can take 3-4 days.
$25 fee for new customers (Can be applied to first month’s bill or spread over 4 months)
Customers without social security numbers may have to bring a passport and photo ID to their office downtown at 720 Olive, near the 8th and Pine Metrolink station.
A security deposit is required for individuals who rent- amount depends on size of apartment.


Many or most apartments will not require you to connect the water service.
City of St. Louis Water Division covers the city of St. Louis: (314) 771-2255
Missouri American Water Company handles most of St. Louis County: 1-866-430-0820


Many or most apartments will not require you to connect the sewer service.
Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is responsible for the interception, collection and treatment of wastewater, as well as stormwater management.

Optional Utilities

Landline Telephone

There are a number of options for in home telephone service, including AT&T, Charter Communications and MCI/Verizon. Some providers also provide cellular and/or internet service. Check the online Yellow Pages or do an online search to find the provider that is right for you.


Free, local television is available on digital TVs, or by the use of a converter box for analog TVs. For more than local TV, a cable or satellite provider must be enlisted. Companies such as AT&T, Charter Communications, DirectTV, Dish Network and Comcast provide this service, among others. Check out Yellowpages.com, Yelp, or do an online search to find the provider that is best for your situation. Be aware that some residences are not able to use cable or satellite, so make sure you know what options are available to you.


Again, there are numerous providers to choose from for internet access, including AT&T, Charter Communications and Comcast, to name a few.
For a list of potential providers, you can visit Speedtest.net, Yelp, or do an internet search.


The City of St. Louis provides information about setting up utilities (such as electricity, gas and water) and reading your utility bills on the city’s transportation, infrastructure and utilities page.