After U.S. Arrival

After arriving in St. Louis, there are some steps to take to make sure you get off to a smooth start.
Some are mandatory requirements, so make sure to review them all.

English Placement Testing

Graduate Students

If your school or department has required you to take an English placement exam, a letter notifying you about the requirement will be sent to you along with your immigration document (i.e., I-20 or DS-2019). An e-mail will also be sent which will include information on how to register for the exam(s) which you are required to take.

This exam will be administered by English Language Programs (ELP). New spring students should contact the ELP directly to schedule a testing time. New fall students may review available dates/times to determine which offering will best fit into your orientation schedule.

Undergraduate Students

You will receive notification from the Department of English if you are required to take an exam.

Student ID Cards

Danforth Campus

Students on the Danforth campus obtain student ID cards from Campus Card Services, Women’s Building, room 002. Campus Card Services is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Medical Campus

School of Medicine students get ID cards on the Medical Campus at the Office of the Registrar, room 100 in the McDonnell Science Building.

Checking in with the OISS

Upon arrival in St. Louis, you must check in as soon as possible with the OISS. Our Contact Us page has our location information.

When you check in with us, please be sure to bring your:

  • Passport
  • Entry visa
  • Electronic I-94 printout (available at, click on “Get Most Recent I-94”)
  • I-20/DS-2019
  • The same types of documents for any dependents arriving with you
  • Initial address where you are staying in St. Louis

Reporting Your Address

Within the first 10 days of arrival in the U.S., you must report your address to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This is accomplished by providing your local address in your WebSTAC account.

Anytime you move to a new location within the U.S., whether it be a different apartment in the same building or a whole new state, you must update WebSTAC within 10 days moving.

Points to keep in mind when maintaining/updating your address:

  1. Do not list a WashU department for your local address. You must indicate where you are physically living.
  2. If you live on campus, make sure to include your box number. Only putting “6515 Wydown Blvd.” or “6985 Snow Way Drive” does not tell the post office where you receive your mail. This will cause delays in receiving your mail or prevent you from receiving it all together.
  3. Do not list your apartment number or street number before your street name. This can cause confusion for the post office and delay delivery of your mail. In the U.S., the proper way to write your address is:
    • Street Number Street Name, Apartment Number, City, State Zip
    • Example: 6470 Forsyth Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130 or 123 Main Street, Apt 202, University City, MO 63130
  4. Put both your street and apartment information in “Address Line 1” in WebSTAC. “Address Line 2” and “Address Line 3” are not used by all areas of the university. If you input part of your address information in line two or three, it may be missed and delay or prevent you receiving your mail.
  5. You do not need to include both your suburb name and the city name. For example, if you live in University City, your address does not need to contain both “University City” and “St. Louis.” Just pick one or the other – whichever you prefer.


WashU Parking & Transportation Services offers a variety of transportation options to students. As a registered full-time student at WashU, you will be eligible to apply for the U-Pass, which is a card that gives you free access to public transportation in St. Louis. Find information on how to apply for the U-Pass on the WashU Parking & Transportation Services website.

WashU offers a campus shuttle, known as the Campus Circulator, to help students travel around the Danforth Campus. Visit the Parking & Transportation Services website to learn more about the Campus Circulator.

You may also want to explore some additional transportation choices you will have the option to make as an international student at WashU.