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Are you a “student” or a “scholar”?

Most of this site is intended for everyone to use, from Living in St. Louis to the Newsletter and everything in between.
However, immigration information is specific based on both your status and what you are doing at the university, i.e. Student or Scholar.
Make sure you understand where to look for the right information to help you.

Are you…

Or are you…

  • Enrolled full-time in a Degree Seeking or Non-Degree Program at WashU?
  • Maybe working, but only when you aren’t in class?
  • Holding temporary non-immigrant visa, such as F-1 or J-1?
  • In F-1 status, sponsored by WashU, working on OPT?
  • At WashU to primarily engage in scholarly activities, including teaching, research and/or training?
  • Maybe taking some classes, but only part-time when you aren’t working?
  • Holding a temporary non-immigrant visa issued by WashU, such as J-1, H-1B, O-1 or TN?
  • In F-1 status, sponsored by another university, working on OPT at WashU?
Go to the Student section for information. Go to the Scholar section for information.