An international scholar is an individual not enrolled in a formal degree program who holds a temporary nonimmigrant visa. A scholar engages in activities including teaching, research and/or training at a university, research institute or hospital. At Washington University, international scholars may be faculty members, research associates, postdoctoral research fellows, visiting scholars or physicians.

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides services and programs for international scholars at WashU and acts as liaison with U.S. government agencies concerning visa, status and immigration matters for all international scholars at WashU. After arrival in the U.S., OISS assists scholars with employment authorization, validating their arrival with government agencies, maintaining their immigration status and many other concerns.

Visa categories

Visa Type/Non-Immigrant StatusLength of StayPurpose of Visit
J-1 Research Scholar or ProfessorMaximum 5 yearsResearch, teach, collaborate
J-1 Short-Term ScholarMaximum 6 monthsResearch, teach, collaborate
J-1 Student InternMaximum 12 monthsComplete a structured internship program;
Current student at an institution abroad

H-1B1 (only for Chilean and Singaporean scholars)
Maximum 6 years
3 years at a time
Research, teach, work in specialized occupation
O-1Initially 3 years
Extended in 1-year increments
Work in a specific field in which they have extraordinary ability
TN – NAFTA (only Canadian and Mexican scholars)Initially 3 years
Extended in 3-year increments
Professional business activities
E-3 (only Australian scholars)Initially 2 years
Extended in 2-year increments
Research, teach, work in specialized occupation
B-1/Visa Waiver ProgramMaximum 90 daysAttend conference, conduct independent research or one-time lecture
Table including scholar visa categories, length of stay and purpose of visit.